Paulette’s Priorities

With your vote, I will work to secure a better, safer, and more prosperous future for all of Corpus Christi.

Working together we can build a city that’s an even better place to live, work, and raise a family. As mayor, we will increase community outreach and greater public participation.


Corpus Christi streets must be repaired. As Mayor, I will prioritize fixing our streets for our hard working families.

I am on the record having voted to double our street maintenance repair budget and as your mayor, I am committed to continuing and expanding on those efforts as we rebuild our economy. With your vote, I will:

  • Keep our streets a top priority
  • Move forward the Concrete Street Maintenance Program
  • Expand street synchronization to lessen vehicle impact
  • Support the residential street repair and reconstruction programs
  • Enhance the street striping program
  • Create a streets repair dashboard to provide transparency to the taxpayer
  • Support a sidewalk program for our neighborhoods
  • Work with the Metropolitan Planning Organization on infrastructure development planning

 Public Safety 

Your safety will always be my highest priority. 

I led the effort to hire more police officers and this is why as your Councilwoman At Large I was twice endorsed by the Corpus Christi Police Officers Association.

As Mayor I will keep fighting to fund our police officers. I led the effort to hire more police officers because the Corpus Christi Police Department had not grown in 20 years. This was despite an increase in calls and population. I also started the effort to hold the first-ever City workshop on the Corpus Christi Police Department after learning Corpus Christi had the lowest number of police officers per population of all the major cities in Texas.

 As your Mayor, I am committed to ensuring the health and safety of you and your family by:

  • Implement the latest technology to enhance public safety and increase the efficiency of department operations
  • Provide officers with the resources to lower response times
  • Expand and support community policing efforts


Every second counts when you dial 911.

On Council, I have been part of the effort to ensure the Fire Department reaches full strength by July 2021.  Your health and safety should be City Hall’s highest priority.  As your Mayor it will be mine and I will:

  • Re-establish the Firefighter Academy in 2021
  • Work to create an expansion plan for the future of our public safety needs
  • Work to improve EMS response times
  • Prioritize funding for the needed replacement of aging fire trucks
  • Fire Department testing of nursing homes

Public Health

I will continue working as Mayor to:

  • Support an assessment of our community Health District
  • Create a strategic plan for future operations
  • Evaluate the public health role of the police and fire departments
  • Address homelessness as part of public health outreach 
  • Grow the partnership with the Coastal Bend Food Bank to address food insecurity

Grow Our Economy

As your Mayor, I will focus on creating and attracting new jobs and bringing new businesses into our City.  We need jobs that will create careers for our residents that will grow our economy for a better future.  With your support I will:

  • Create Corpus Christi Moving Forward – an economic plan for Corpus Christi’s future
  • Create new jobs by recruiting and attracting new businesses
  • Help existing businesses grow by making it easier for them to do business in our city
  • Partner with the private sector to develop job training programs to fill the jobs of the future
  • Work with Convention and Visitor’s Bureau on a Tourism Industry Recovery Plan
  • Work to attain additional funding from the state and federal governments